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Refund Policy

Please note:
Carefully review our refund and returns policy to find out in which cases we will handle:
Only if you receive the wrong item or a defective item can you exchange it.
You should check the order after you receive it. If you think you have received the wrong item or a defective one
Project, you should immediately notify us by email and submit a picture of the project received along with a brief description
Description of the problem. We will try to respond to your email within 5-7 business days.

Please note that if we find that an item has been tampered with, we will not issue a refund or accept it
Freight forwarder Disclaimer
We are not responsible for damage, defects, material discrepancies, or loss of goods that occur after shipment
They are delivered to a freight forwarder or intermediary address/person. That means we
Cannot offer a replacement or refund for any goods taken outside the hand –
Transporting or using freight forwarding services

Refuse to pay customs fees
If the customer wishes not to pay the customs fees associated with their package, it will
Returned by their country. Any shipping charges will be borne by the customer. if
After the customer receives free shipping, the freight for both trips will be deducted from their freight
Refund the amount.
Please note: Some countries will require payment of customs fees, even if the package never leaves
Customs. Refusal to pay customs fees in these countries will result in these fees and any shipping costs
Deduct from your refund amount. If your expenses exceed the purchase price,
We reserve the right to charge you the difference.
If the customer refuses delivery, shipping and customs charges will be deducted from the amount
Even if the product is returned, the customer pays for his order. Make sure you want the product before you place your order.

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